Crutches // Zea et Xavier Charles

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Fri, 03.05.2024, 20:30 - 23:59 | ausland


Zea, i.e. the singing guitarist Arnold de Boer, lead singer and player in The Ex (Holland’s spiky post-punk greats) and who has also made experimental records recorded in the Frisian tongue…joined by French clarinettist Xavier Charles, a fellow we normally hear in the context of very refined and severe minimal improvisation, yet here he is…doing what I’m not quite sure, but it’s like he’s been called upon to fill in for all the other instruments in a 1980s post-punk band such as Magazine when everyone else is sick or has gone home from the studio. While de Boer spits out and barks out disaffected lyrics and strums basic rhythm guitar – a kind of inverted, cynical, Bob Dylan for the 15-dollar coffee generation – Charles plays bass riffs, percussive sounds, and even little flourishes of lead guitar, all done using his clarinet. Even supplies abstract noise if the occasion demands it.
Ed Pinsent – The Sound Projector

Tounge-in-cheek acrobatic seriously coming your way to sandblast well settled habits of reception - The music of Crutches combines austerity and excess, elevator music and noise, quotation and metric ambivalence. The compositional sketches began as a finger exercise with the approach of addressing the multiple tangle of hotly negotiated themes without the means of text and the commentary and questioning of stylistic fashions by maximizing contrasts. Crutches are a painless sound space with a view.
The debut album 4 LTTR WRDS will be released in May 2024.

Program Teil 1


  • Arnold de Boer | guiar, vocals
  • Xavier Charles | clarinet

Program Teil 2


  • Jan Frisch | guiar
  • Olga Reznichenko | keys
  • Valentin Schuster | drums


  • Fri, 03.05.2024, 20:30 - 23:59
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