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biegungen im ausland

Sat, 11.05.2024, 20:30 - 23:59 | ausland

Gordan by Denis Laner
© Gordan by Denis Laner

Gordan combines traditional Serbian singing with abstraction, energy and minimalism. Their music is marked by radical reductionism, seemingly endless ascension and a passion for experiments.

The Serbian singer Svetlana Spajić is an internationally recognized and acclaimed artist. A truly unique kind of her own among contemporary singers, Spajić is a master of all the complex local stylistic variations of singing from Balkan music. Guido Möbius plays bass and various electronic sound generators. Additionally, he uses guitar amps, microphones and effects to provoke feedback which either harmonize or are juxtaposed with the song. It is a dialogue between sound and noise which is accentuated or fragmented by means of Andi Stecher’s expressive drumming. Together the trio forms a dynamic body of sound. Gordan will present their new album on this night, out on Glitterbeat on May 10th, 2024.

»Skultura«, the new album by the widely praised American double bassist and composer Nick Dunston, was released in September 2023. The album gathers wild collages of field recordings, spoken word, dense sound textures, dark drones, feverish percussion and much more. Implementing the intensity of this uncompromising production in a live set is a challenge, one that the band of the same name does not shy away from. Skultura are Cansu Tanrıkulu (voice, electronics), Liz Kosack (synthesizer), Eldar Tsalikov (clarinet, saxophone), Mariá Portugal (drums) and Nick Dunston on bass. The quintet has already been recognized for their performances at A L'ARME! Festival, the Leipziger Jazztage, Wels Unlimited Festival and the Jazz Excess concert series.

Program Teil 1


  • Svetlana Spajic | vocals
  • Guido Möbius | feedback, bass, electronics
  • Andi Stecher | drums

Program Teil 2


  • Cansu Tanrıkulu | voice, electronics
  • Liz Kosack | synthesizer
  • Eldar Tsalikov | clarinet, saxophone
  • Mariá Portugal | drums
  • Nick Dunston | bass


  • Sat, 11.05.2024, 20:30 - 23:59
  • Break:
  • 10,-

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