Halbschatten: Konzert für ein Hof-Enviroment

  • Neue Musik / Komponierte Musik
  • Echtzeitmusik
  • Elektronische / Elektroakustische Musik
  • Klangkunst / Sound Art
  • Performance

Weismann / Krebs / Jeßulat / Kerdraon-Dammekens / Wellmer

Fri, 17.05.2024, 19:30 - 21:30 | Haunt/Frontviews

Haunt in February, photo collage: Steffi Weismann
© Steffi Weismann

Electronic sounds, environmental noises, microphonised and microscoped objects, plants and microorganisms, projections, sung vocalises and performative sculptures are found in a semi-open courtyard environment and form a kind of coexistence, an urban conglomerate between art and nature. Everything is always there and nothing stands alone. The individual elements sometimes emerge singularly and then disappear again. This evening is about balance and mobility, mixing ratios, sounds, colours and languages in between.

Halbschatten is a collective project initiated by Steffi Weismann and developed for the specific architecture and acoustics in the courtyard and garden of the Kunstraum Haunt. Five sound artists/musicians will present new works in this context: including »Hemelen«, a solo work by Anne Wellmer, »Fluid Existance« by Annette Krebs and Steffi Weismann and »Interspecies« by Ariane Jeßulat and Marina Kerdraon-Dammekens. The beginnings and endings of these pieces are partially blurred in the intermediate phases, overlapping or expanding their authorship. The programme begins as a sound installation in the light of day, then turns into a performative concert in the evening light, runs through the twilight and finally ends in a video installation in the dark.


    Annette Krebs und Steffi Weismann »Fluid Existance« UA, 2024
    Ariane Jeßulat und Marina Kerdraon-Dammekens »INTERSPECIES« 2023/2024
    Anne Wellmer »Hemelen« UA, 2024
  • Annette Krebs, Steffi Weismann, Ariane Jeßulat, Marina Kerdraon-Dammekens, Anne Wellmer | Live-Elektronik, Stimme, Objekte, Video


  • Haunt/Frontviews
  • Fri, 17.05.2024, 19:30 - 21:30
  • Break: Beginn installativ ab 20:00 Live-Konzert
  • Haunt – space for art and ecologies
    Kluckstraße 23A
    10785 Berlin
  • 6-12€ (sliding scale)

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Sponsored by inm - initiative neue musik berlin e.V.