Kaj Duncan David with Scenatet / Stellan Veloce

Thu, 30.05.2024, 20:30 - 23:30 | KM28

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Kaj Duncan David & Scenatet and Stellan Veloce perform recent compositions.

A psychedelic re-imagining of how language develops, or the transition from pure vocal sound to meaning as musical gesture. The songs are inspired by glossolalia in various forms: in infants who are still learning to speak; in states of consciousness where semantics dissolve; and »hallucinating« chatbots, which might be able to speak, but do so without understanding what they say. (www.kajduncandavid.com)

Stellan Veloce, solo set for harmonicas and electronics

The har­mon­i­ca is seen both as a toy and as an expres­sive musi­cal instru­ment, depend­ing on who you are ask­ing. Its inex­pen­sive­ness and egal­i­tar­i­an aura are opposed to the rich chords it pro­duces and its sub­tle micro­ton­al and melis­mat­ic impro­vi­sa­tion pos­si­bil­i­ties. Since 2020, Veloce has been making pieces for cus­tom-tuned, dia­ton­ic harmonicas both as solos and in collaboration with other musicians and ensembles. (www.stellanveloce.de)

Program Teil 1

Kaj Duncan David & Scenatet

    Kaj Duncan David »Only birds know how to call the sun and they do it every morning«
  • Kaj Duncan David | keys and synthetic vocals
  • Vicky Wright | EWI
  • Mikkel Schou | MIDI and electric guitar
  • Matias Seibæk | MIDI percussion

Program Teil 2

Stellan Veloce

    »Solo set for harmonicas and electronics«
  • Stellan Veloce | harmonicas and electronics


  • Thu, 30.05.2024, 20:30 - 23:30
  • Break:
  • Doors 20:00 / Start 20:30

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