Maya Bennardo

  • Konzert

plays Smith, Svensson and Bennardo

Sat, 20.04.2024, 20:30 - 23:30 | KM28

© M Bennardo

Nowhere Street #21

Maya Bennardo, solo violin

Linda Catlin Smith, aria (2024)
Kristofer Svensson, Så vill jag glömma (2018)
Maya Bennardo, dormant gardens 1b. (2022)

Maya Bennardo is a founding member of the violin/viola duo andPlay and a member of the internationally acclaimed Mivos Quartet. She also performs new and traditional repertoire for violin and piano with pianist Karl Larson in their Bennardo/Larson Duo. Maya's compositions are characterized by slow, unfolding timbral movements--exploring the co-existence of pitch and noise. Her compositions have grown naturally out of her improvisational practice on the violin, and the two continue to inform each other.

Nowhere Street is a monthly concert series curated by music journalist Peter Margasak.


  • Sat, 20.04.2024, 20:30 - 23:30
  • Break:
  • Doors 20:00 / Concert 20:30

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