Mi Ho & Marcello S. Busato // su dance110 / Utku Tavil / Paula Sanchez // Sofia Salvo + Gustavo Obligado

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biegungen im ausland

Fri, 24.05.2024, 20:30 - Sat, 25.05.2024, 01:00 | ausland

Gustavo Obligado by Ani Iramaina
© Gustavo Obligado by Ani Iramaina

The pianist Mi Ho and drummer Marcello S. Busato are known as busy figures in the Berlin scene for their dedication to improvised music and real-time-composition. Busato has already explored experimental music, free jazz and noise in countless constellations. Mi Ho, also a drummer (Ryskinder, ex Jaguar no Me), was always interested in the percussive potential of the piano. In their dialogue between drums and piano, the two musicians give themselves a lot of space to develop their rhythmic figures.

At the suggestion of biegungen im ausland concert series, the trio su dance110, Utku Tavil and Paula Sanchez came together. Crossing boundaries and sonic extremes are to be expected here. The dramatic performance of su dance110 interacts with Sanchez's experimental cello playing. Utku Tavil sets accents on the drums, develops textures and fragments the sound. A trio that releases maximum energy.

The performance by Sofia Salvo and Gustavo Obligado combines the rich tonal palette of the saxophone with electronic sounds. In free improvisation, the Argentine artists delve into the intricacies of their instruments. Known for their expressive performances, the duo immerse their audience in a lively listening experience.

Program Teil 1

Mi Ho & Marcello S. Busato

  • Mi Ho | piano, inside piano

Program Teil 2

su dance110 / Utku Tavil / Paula Sanchez

  • su dance110 | voice, electronics
  • Utku Tavil | drums
  • Paula Sanchez | Intervened Cello and Electronics

Program Teil 3

Sofia Salvo + Gustavo Obligado

  • Sofia Salvo | baritone saxophone
  • Gustavo Obligado | saxophone, electronics


  • Fri, 24.05.2024, 20:30 - Sat, 25.05.2024, 01:00
  • Break:
  • 10,- €

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Supported by Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion.