Opening of the Month of Contemporary Music 2024

Eine Klangperformance mit einer Person draussen im Hof der Akademie der Künste, die Person trägt Badeanzug und eine Maske und spielt ein Instrument
©Stefanie Kulisch

Everyone can take part, everyone is welcome. This principle is important to us in covering the broad spectrum of positions. But since there is only one opening event, it is inevitable to make a selection for one project to represent the »Opening of the Month of Contemporary Music«. Although we cannot participate financially in the project, the organizers benefit from the additional media attention of the Month of Contemporary Music. This year's Call for Projects begins in mid-August, which means that the festival period may move a few weeks into summer when there are fewer competing events in the Berlin cultural calendar. To guarantee a fair and transparent selection, the opening project will be chosen by the jury of the inm.

If you would like to submit an application for the opening of the Month of Contemporary Music, please take the following points into account:
 Please send your application to

Submission deadline: March 20, 2024, midnight (Berlin time)


  • The event will take place between August 28st and September 1st, 2024
  • The event takes place in Berlin
  • The venue has a capacity for at least 200 people The Month has the option of holding a public reception before the event
  • A contingent of tickets can be provided for free or reduced tickets for VIPs and press invitations 

Selection criteria

  • Dramaturgical conclusiveness and degree of innovation of the concept
  • Professionalism of implementation
  • Artistic activity in Berlin in the field of contemporary music


  • Project description
  • List of participating artists
  • Venue certificate
  • Weblinks and Music example